Taking the sectoral conjunctures into consideration, Çetin Law Office provides strategic legal consultancy services including mergers, acquisitions and demergers, venture capital investments, leverage procedures, assets, workplace and share transfers. Concerning the aforementioned transactions Çetin Law Office executes the projects from beginning to end and provides services including the preparation of detailed due diligence related to managers, drawing up and negotiating an agreement in preparation phase, approval of Competition Authorities and Regulatory Authorities, mandatory bids, corporate governance compliance, execution of all necessary legal statutes, configuration of Human Resources and preparation of the commercial contract patterns after transfer.

During the execution of services such as articles of incorporation, merging and acquisition agreements, preparation and negotiation of contracts in general, exit strategies, control mechanisms, and protection of minority rights, the process which is managed through the detailed analyses and briefings is provided to client corporations from the beginning of merging and acquisition process till the end.