Labor law which is one of the crucial braches that Çetin Law Office concentrates its activities consists the following issues; issuing an opinion toclient corporations for each branch of labor law, but especially in cancellation of labor contract and labor-job protection with the most efficient and quick way, severance and notice pays, responsibilities for occupational accidents, recourse claims, drawing up and negotiating the labor contracts, representation and consultancy for foreign employees, devotion, confidentiality and non-competition agreements of employees, intellectual property rights and discoveries of employees.

Çetin Law Office provides attorneyshipconsultancy and representation services related to the labor law including the reorganization and restructuring of corporations, execution and prosecution of annulment and case processes, preparation of release agreements and negotiation of collective labor agreements.

Client employer corporations and employees are represented on minor courts and judicial authorities considering their disputes on labor law and they are given an extensive advocacy service.