By representing the designers, creators, brand owners and brand consumers within the scope of intellectual property law, Çetin Law Office provides legal support for the preparation of brand licensing contracts and the prosecution of cases which shall emerge from the violation of intellectual property. Within the scope of intellectual property law, Çetin Law Office offers the following services;

  • Preparation of brand licensing and distributorship contracts,
  • Registration of brand, utility model and industrial designs,
  • Registration and copyright transfers of artworks and opinions,
  • As well as undertaking the task actively during the phase of specifying basics of employeeemployer intellectual property depending upon labor contracts, employees of the client corporation are informed through the training services.

Çetin Law Office focuses to the following items concerning the licensed software issue which bears vital importance within the sphere of intellectual property;

  • Registration of software name and source codes,
  • Detection of unlicensed usings,
  • Taking the necessary legal precautions to terminate the unlicensed using depending on bill quia timet,
  • Studies concerning the recompensation of losses due to unlicensed using.

Depending upon the current changes, Çetin Law Office provides the following services;

  • Taking the legal precautions to protect commercial secrets and private datas,
  • Supervising, removing and prosecuting the palinode phases of publications issued via internet,
  • Preparation of necessary legal infrastructure essential for e-commerce activities.