Çetin Law Office provides legal proceedings, advocacy and legal consultancy for various topics in the scope of insurance law depending on a professional business approach. It offers services such as general consultancy and accident, damage, responsibility, transportation, credit, financial risks, health, retirement and life assurance to assurance brokers, policyholders and other beneficiaries who are in need of that sort of services. Following preventive consultancy services are given for the scope of contract signed before the damage;

  • Designating and specifying the value which will be insured,
  • Decreasing the insurance exemptions on behalf of client,
  • Securing the compensation conditions and specifying the beneficiaries,
  • Naming the repayment conditions.

Below studies are supplied depending upon the damage;

  • Detection and compensation of real damage,
  • Supervision of expert studies,
  • Prosecution of recourse cases.