Within the scope of execution and enforcement law, Çetin Law Office provides advocacy and consultancy services which are needed by all natural persons and legal entities. Main services on this subject are;

  • Providing advocacy and consultancy services for national and international corporations as well as natural persons to collect their revenues in Turkey,
  • Executing all sorts of liens, debt enforcement and banktrupcy proceedings in Directorates of Bailiff and Execution,
  • Collection, cross-collateralization and monetarisation of the warrants (pledge, hypothecs etc) of commercial and personal claims emerged from all sorts of debts (check, note etc.),
  • Inhibiting the clients to get harmed in the execution proceedings filed against them and protecting their rights and benefits,
  • Execution of all sorts of action of objections including discharge from debts,
  • Prosecuting personal banktrupcy transactions to get rid of debts for the persons,
  • Providing legal support on behalf of corporations for the issues such as check, note and execution proceedings, banktrupcy applications and postponement of banktrupcy, preparation of banktrupcy plan draft for the preparation and acceptance phases of banktrupcy, vendition of corporation or a vendition of a share of it and describing the risks,
  • Restructuring the claims/debts of corporations and individuals on the phase of enforcement and banktrupcy and reclamation of financial status and reorganization of it.