Çetin Law Office provides advocacy and consultancy services for the stock corporations operating in many different sectors.

Aforementioned services consists the preparation of core contracts and all phases through the establishment of corporation, break up of corporation and liquidation of it. Within this scope, all the important structural changes that occurs in the corporation such as capital increase, share transfers, mergings and acquisitions, change of types, going public and restructurings are initiated, executed and finalized by Çetin Law Office.

Furthermore, usual transaction which the corporations must fulfill e.g. annual meetings and preparation of the board decisions are also performed within the scope of provided services.

Along with the stock corporations, Çetin Law Office also provides advocacy and consultancy services for consortiums or joint ventures. Their legal structures and their relations between the shareholders shall be formed; possible problems shall be removed through creative solutions within the scope of preventive services just before they pose a danger.