Administrative and Tax Law

Çetin Law Office provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients on the issues of expropriation, tax and customs under the roof of administrative law. In this context, below items constitutes the main services of Çetin Law Office;

  • Administration’s liability and full remedy actions
  • Lawsuits related to the cancellation of unlawful administrative transaction
  • Administrative fines, reclamation periods and plea of nullities,
  • Disputes and lawsuits related to zoning law,
  • Disputes, tender cases and expropriations related to tender law,
  • Administrative contracts,
  • Build operate transfer agreements,
  • Tax liabilities of individuals and corporations,
  • Direct and indirect taxes,
  • Taxational dimension of legal transactions,
  • Consultancy for the taxational advantages of corporations,
  • Taxational issues related to functioning of corporations,
  • Tax disputes and representation on tax courts,
  • Administrating the lawsuit and objection processes related to taxational and penal sanctions emerged from customs legislation.